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Adding a water garden to your backyard

A water garden provides much excitement and enjoyment for the homeowner. In most cases, the water garden will increase the overall value of your home.There are several steps to consider before adding a water garden to your backyard.

  • Consider the design in regards to sunlight. Your pond should be part of the natural flow of sunlight, without being too exposed or too shady.

  • Consider the design in regards to existing infrastructure - existing windows, pools, porches, gazebos, or decks. you want to incorporate it into your existing layout.

  • Consider for outdoor intruders - birds and racoons can wreak havoc on a water garden. consider the defense mechanisms needed for keeping away unwanted intruders.

  • Consider for existing trees and foilage - autiumn leaves can shed and wind can blow leaves into the pond.

  • Consider for safety if you have small children, then safety is a consideration.

  • Before you dig, need to check for existing underground pipes, concrete beds, wires, and other underground obstacles.

  • Consider the style of the pond - more formal, more ornate, more natural, etc.

  • Perform adequate calculations on water depth, water flow, size of pool, plant types, and Koi types.

We are there every step of the way to help you with your process. You should plan each step of the way before you start building the pond.

You can contact us for more information about building a water garden in your backyard.