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Most people are looking for additions to their home that increase the property value. A water garden in your home offers a unique aspect for you. It does increase the value of your home (as long as it is well-maintained), but it also increases the value of your lifestyle. Consider these points:
  • The water garden provides a closer connection to nature - You get to be next to plants and Koi.
  • A water garden provides an ultimate relaxation environment for meditation and releasing stress. The peaceful sound of running water provides the ultimate place for relaxing from stress and the hussle of things. Doctors have stated that stress is the number one afflication on the people. reducing it can be key to longer life.
  • A water garden provides additional living areas to your home. When you have a beautiful garden, you are effectively increasing the size of your home, since you spend time and enjoyment in the garden.
  • Koi fish are easy pets - They have the elegance and history dating back to ancient times. Their beauty is something to be marveled. Yet, they are hearty fish and can be easily cared for.
  • Maintenance is easy - once the water garden is installed, much of the effort in maintaining the pond is hands-off. Meaning, you are creating a small ecosystem of water, rocks, and plants, which in turn creates the normal symbiotic relationship in nature of growth and beauty. There is no need to water the plants, you only need to sit back and enjoy your new creation.