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Water Gardens

A water garden is a great accessory to your home. It provides a relaxing space for your family, a place to entertain, and it increases the value of your home and your lifestyle.

Do you like to pot and arrange plants? Water plants have some of the most spectacular foliage and blooms that you will ever see. The greatest thing about water plants is…you guessed it: they don’t need to be watered! Maybe better question is “Why would you NOT want a pond!?!?”
Water features have fascinated humans since the beginning of time. When we weren’t watching the fish in the oceans and streams, we were building elaborate fountains and bathing holes. People always loved water. Since we have become more prosperous in the past 100 years, we have been able to enjoy water in more numbers than at any other time. In fact, some of us either have a pool, pond, or fountain in our yard. Out of these three great features however, only one delivers year round enjoyment in the way a pond does. It’s something you just have to experience.

On top of it all, if it is installed professionally with quality product, a pond does not require much maintenance at all. For those of you totally averse to any maintenance at all, we can come to your home once a month or once a week and take care of your pond or fountain for you!

We can create and install any size water garden for your home. From small ponds to extensive water gardens with waterfalls and Koi. View our video gallery of our water gardens.

We have installed many ponds all over the Gulf Coast. Here is an overview of the process we use when installing your pond.